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Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

The main raw materials required are rock phosphate and sulphuric acid. SSP is a straight phosphatic multinutrient fertilizer which contains 14.5% water soluble P2O5, 12% sulphur, 21% calcium and some other essential micro nutrients in small proportions. SSP, which is a poor farmer's fertilizer (price-wise), is an option to optimise the use of phosphatic fertilizers. It also helps to treat sulphur deficiency in soils as well for further enhancement of yields at the least cost. The product is sold by our Company under the Brand name "Smriddhi".


  • SSP is one of the cheapest forms of phosphate.
  • Supplies sulphate sulphur and calcium.
  • Multi-nutrient fertilizer containing Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) as primary nutrient and Sulphur and Calcium as secondary nutrients.
  • Can be stored easily for long periods without taking up moisture.
  • Only phosphatic fertilizer which can utilize Indian rock phosphate deposits.

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